Disorganized messes don’t cut it for me!

Here’s why.

I was looking in one of my kitchen drawers the other day for a pastry brush. It drove me crazy that I couldn’t find it because the drawer was jammed together and too full. A bit disorganized. Then, I put some leftovers in a plastic container and spent 10 minutes looking through the cupboard for the lid.

Another disorganized mess. 

Later, I tried to find an eyeliner brush in my makeup drawer. I couldn’t find the one I wanted because everything was in one drawer and I couldn’t see the brush for looking at it.

I gave up.

I spent the next few hours emptying the drawers and cupboards. I figured out what I had, kept what I wanted and got rid of anything I didn’t need.  It wasn’t what I had planned to do for the day, but boy did I feel good that I had spent the time to untangle the mess.

Disorganized KitchenIt’s always worth it in the end.

How about you?  Are your finances so disorganized that you just keep moving stuff around without taking the time to sort it out?  Maybe it’s time to empty the drawer and sort it out.

If you have debt get some paper and write a list of each debt including who you owe, what the balance is and what the interest rate is.  Some people find that once they’ve done that, they realize it wasn’t as bad as they thought it was. Add up your monthly expenses and include money for savings too. Good for you if your debt, expenses and savings add up to less than your monthly income.

You’re ahead of the game.  If not, you have two choices: bring in more income or cut your expenses.

It sounds easy. And it can be. But if you don’t think you can do it on your own. Call me.  Canada’s Money Coach will help you untangle the mess. I can’t do anything about disorganized kitchen drawers, or find your eyeliner brush. I can however,  help you get control of your money and start living the life you deserve. 613-875-5834