Loyalty Programs: what works for you?

Loyalty Program Cards

Loyalty programs are hot currency, are they a way to save? Judith Cane is always investigating different ways to manage and make the most out of your money. Let’s stop today and consider loyalty programs and what they can bring us. Loyalty programs are available today from just about everywhere.…

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Hindsight – live and learn

Hindsight is a wonderful thing

Coulda woulda shouda, but didn’t. We’ve all been there, and thought, “I should have seen this coming, I’m not stupid.” Of course, you’re not, you just learning from hindsight, which is always 20/20. As Canada’s Money Coach, a lot of my clients come to me when their money matters are…

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Advice? Informed guidance vs. opinion

Hashtag Pay for Advice

Everyone knows the alphabet so everyone is a writer. Right? Well hardly.  The same applies giving advice. Let’s compare opinion and advice. First of all, everyone has an opinion, but is it all information that you would take to heart and act on? Consider advice about money. I’m sure everyone has…

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