Spend? That Grinch was on to something


On SALE! BUY now! They will love you even more if you buy them this diamond/phone/computer. This is no time to save money. Spend. It never stops. You know what I’m saying. The constant barrage of ads screaming that you must spend spend spend to make everyone happy. It doesn’t…

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Help? I’m here for you.

Help in blocks

I know you think that as Canada’s Money Coach that all of my December blogs should be about the holidays. How to save money on gifts, how to avoid the holiday credit card hangover, what gifts can you give that would help teach your kids about money. Yes, these are…

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Good spending vs. bad. You choose.

When we buy our clothes, we should spend wisely and get the best for our money. Spending on a lot of inexpensive ‘bargains’ to build our wardrobe may not be the saving you think it is. Often what I call ‘disposable’ clothes can seem to do in a pinch; but…

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