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Man we gave her a challenge, and she came through for us… One year ago I started working with the amazing Judith Cane, Canada’s Money Coach. She said she had seen it all, but man, did we give her a challenge.  She has a program she runs that helps people take all their needs, wants, debts and income and creates a plan that works for you.  Read more about what Judith did for us.

Someone I Can Trust…Judith has gained both my trust and confidence with her knowledgeable financial counseling. I appreciate her patience and understanding as she reviews my financial plan and goals.
– Kim, Toronto
I Have a Great Financial Road Map…Judith Cane provides excellent financial planning service. I feel very confident with her knowledge and research delivered with a personal touch. I now have clear objectives and a great roadmap to achieve my financial goals in the short and long term.
Sheila, Toronto
I’m Motivated to Look After My Finances…I have gained more than a comfort level in addressing my financial issues since beginning my association with Judith Cane. Judith has helped me to think beyond my usual timeline to establish goals for the short and long term. She has coached me in establishing financial priorities that allow me to enjoy the present without compromising my future. I like to joke that Judith “makes me look after my finances”, but what she really does is motivate me to want to set financial goals for the future and work towards them. The fact that she periodically contacts me to discuss any changes in my financial goals, in addition to increasing my financial awareness through the informational newsletters Judith provides, gives me confidence in the plan we have created for me. I would not hesitate to recommend Judith to anyone who has an interest in taking control of his or her financial future.
Janice, Victoria
Our Financial Affairs Were Disjointed and Fragmentary…My husband and I have been quite pleased working with Judith as our financial advisor. The planning of our financial affairs was generally sound but over time had become a bit disjointed and fragmentary. Judith was able to advise us objectively on how to consolidate our investments and tailor our saving goals for best effect. More importantly, she helped manage all the paperwork and administration quickly and efficiently. We are happy with Judith and find her advice very helpful in making decisions affecting our retirement and financial well-being.
Paula, Ottawa
We Get To Keep Our Beloved Home…Ray and I want to thank you again for another amazing meeting. You know, before we met you finance was a taboo topic that we rarely talked about, other than to say that we had to get a grip on our Line of Credit and to also say that perhaps we should downsize and lose our beloved home to pay off debt. We each had our own bank accounts and had no idea where our money was going. Since meeting you however, we now have concise goals, an easy debt repayment plan and an exciting money management work plan. (I never thought I would use the word “exciting” in relationship to Finances!) It’s amazing not only to think that we will be debt and mortgage free in only a few short years but also that we will have money for travel and personal enjoyment during this process and best of all, we get to keep our home! We want to thank you for being so kind, non-judgemental and patient in dealing with us. You have no idea how much stress you have removed from our lives!
– Ray and Elaine, Ottawa