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Congratulations, you’re engaged! It’s so exciting! You’ve got the ring and now it’s time to start planning.  Book the venue, choose the colours and assemble your wedding party.  But wait…aren’t you forgetting something?  That’s right.  A budget. How else are you going to pay for the wedding of your dreams?

Choices, choices and choices

You’ve got so many choices. Let Canada’s Money Coach help you stay in control of your budget and your big day.

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First of all, let’s take just a quick look at some of the items you’ll need to consider:

  • A destination wedding?
  • A fancy hotel event?
  • A handmade dress?
  • Travel costs for family and friends?
  • A honeymoon now or later?
  • How many people do you want in your wedding party?

Finally, and most importantly how much does it all cost?

The decisions in front of you right now can be overwhelming and probably expensive if you face them without a budget and plan in place. Trust me, I’ve seen people get themselves into deep debt right at the start of their lives together. I’m sure that’s not where you want to be.

And another thing

Years ago, your parents told you they would pay for your wedding. Now it’s here, and times have changed.  So, how do you approach the conversation about how much they are willing to contribute?

If you have a fully scoped budget and know the costs and the impacts on your wedding plan before you shop, the decisions will be much easier.

So, here’s the plan

Join me, Canada’s Money Coach, on Facebook Live, this Wednesday, January 11 from 7- 8pm. Sign up now and I’ll send you wedding tips and budget spreadsheet you can work on during or after the broadcast.

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