Advice? Informed guidance vs. opinion

Everyone knows the alphabet so everyone is a writer. Right? Well hardly.  The same applies giving advice.

Let’s compare opinion and advice. First of all, everyone has an opinion, but is it all information that you would take to heart and act on? Consider advice about money. I’m sure everyone has a few great tips, but are they trained and experienced money experts that you would risk your money on?


When I need advice — not just an opinion — I seek out the experts. I am happy to pay for their wisdom because I know their perspective is steeped in education and experience. Their informed guidance will make a difference in the direction I choose.

To begin with, here are just a few of the ways I #payforadvice

  • Conferences: I attend seminars and webinars on topics I need to learn more about. Rather than just paying my ticket and getting in the room, I prepare for the day, review the speakers, plan my questions and I take notes. Therefore when I am spending money and time for solid advice, I get results.
  • Trained specialists: Just as I would with any doctor or dentist, I make an appointment. These professionals have spent years learning and living in a topic, so I know that I can trust what they tell me. I bring my questions, honest issues and ideas to the table, and I listen.
  • Read: There is a wealth of material in the pages of a book or on a blog or an article. I know the authors, I follow their progress, I seek out their opinions and take the time to research who’s on the cutting-edge of new thinking.
  • Trust: With any expert source, it is important review their reputation. Do they have a track record? Is there evidence pointing to their success and results? Make sure you do your homework, so when you pay for guidance you are confident what you receive is solid.
  • Networks: Use yours. Get involved. Ask for opinions. Finally, ask for experiences and then seek out the experts in their field.
    As Canada’s Money Coach, I am often asked for opinions and advice. If you are dealing with me on a professional level, I am an expert in managing money, getting people out of debt and keeping them out. Paying money for informed money advice is worth it’s weight in gold.

To conclude, I invite you to ask my opinion, Canada’s Money Coach is happy to share. If you are ready for the real deal, let’s make an appointment.  Give me a call today. 613-875-5834


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