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I know you think that as Canada’s Money Coach that all of my December blogs should be about the holidays. How to save money on gifts, how to avoid the holiday credit card hangover, what gifts can you give that would help teach your kids about money.

Yes, these are all relevant topics and if you need help with any of that, send me a quick email and I’ll share my tips with you.

This blog is about asking for help.

Last week I had laparoscopic gallbladder surgery. It’s day surgery so I was in at 11am and out by 7pm. From the time I walked into the hospital to the moment I left, people took care of me. It was a great experience and I thank Montfort Hospital and their staff for the excellent work.

Help is available.

My husband picked me up from the hospital, brought me home and tucked me into bed. He picked up my medication. He was there to help me out of bed when I needed to use the washroom.

The next day, my surgeon’s nurse called and stayed on the phone with me for 45 minutes to make sure that she answered all of my questions (like why I had 5 incisions instead of 4!) She gave me lots of advice for post-op care and encouraged me to contact her if I had any questions or concerns.

Plan ahead.

I’ve known for a few months that I needed to have this surgery. I worked with my surgeon, my husband and my mom to set everything up. I asked for the help I needed  to make my recovery a success.

Finally, when I needed them most, my husband and my mother took care of me. When I wanted anything they were right there for me.

You see, when you have this kind of surgery there is a risk of a hernia if you lift, pull or use your abdominal muscles. If I hadn’t asked for help and tried to do it all myself, I could have ended up back at the hospital with serious complications.

It’s okay to ask.

This is especially relevant if you find that you can’t figure out how to get control of your money.

Ask for help.

Most of all, if you don’t there could be serious consequences. To quote one of my favourite financial authors, Gail Vaz Oxlade …

if you keep spending more than you are making, you could lose everything you have.

Finally, take the first step. Call me. 613-875-5834. Email me.

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