Good spending vs. bad. You choose.

When we buy our clothes, we should spend wisely and get the best for our money. Spending on a lot of inexpensive ‘bargains’ to build our wardrobe may not be the saving you think it is.

Good spending vs. bad

Often what I call ‘disposable’ clothes can seem to do in a pinch; but in a very short time, they show their weaknesses – shapelessness, fading, pilling, stretching and shrinking – leaving you with no choice but to replace them … again. Do you really want to be spending good money on wares that simply do not hold up in the long run? Ask yourself … is that smart money spending?


If you are looking for a dress or suit to help you look your very best on multiple occasions. Go for quality. These items will stand the test of time, and they will make sure you continuously project the image you want. And, most importantly they are worth the money, the time and the effort.

This doesn’t mean you can’t find a great bargain on a sale, I love when that happens, but my motto is, and always has been ‘you get what you pay for.’ It’s proven itself to be right, time and again.

Here’s an idea. Visit any consignment store. What you will see on the racks are quality, brands you recognize. They haven’t worn out either. These clothes are worth paying for because you know they still have years of wear left in them. People don’t want to throw these out into the disposable clothes-clogged landfill. They are still worthy of you wearing and enjoying. And guess what? You’ll have spent good money on quality merchandise and you’ll  look great.

For more information about saving and spending, read of this article I found last week and posted on my Facebook from They worked with money and style experts to look at the upside of buying quality.

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