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People from all walks of life need a Money Coach to help them get on track financially and stay there, because a goal without a plan is just a wish. It’s the plan that makes all the difference.

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Here’s an example of how working with Canada’s Money Coach made a big difference for Murray*.

Murray worked for a company in the hospitality industry. He was making good money, his car was paid for, he already had a mortgage on his house, but he was in money-trouble.

Murray’s credit cards and line of credit were maxed-out. He had no savings … but he had goals. He wanted to be financially sound, so that he could get on with his life. You know — a life partner, a family and stability. Murray also wanted to open his own business.

In a word, Murray needed help from Canada’s Money Coach, and he was eager to get started. We developed a five-year plan.

Murray was co-mingling his accounts. That means not separating your business from your personal accounts. A dangerous practice that will see money leak away, because you are not tracking it efficiently, nor are you taking advantage of the best services and rates your financial institutions can offer.

  • This was easy to fix — we straightened Murray out with two credit cards. One for his personal life, and one exclusively for his business.

Murray wanted to find a partner, but he felt it was important to be in solid financial shape first. Trust me, not enough people think this way, and I was happy to work with him to put the plans in place to make that happen.

  • With a five-year plan and strict discipline about spending, Murray paid down all his debt. It wasn’t the easiest path, and he had to put a few things on hold to make this happen. But he did it. Then with a secure financial footing, he met his partner, fell in love and got married. They now have a new home that they bought together.

Another of Murray’s goals was to be his own boss and run his own business. Canada’s Money Coach helped there too.

  • We had laid all the groundwork through his financial plan, so it was easy for Murray to qualify for loans and grants to set up his business. He had a record of everything so when he met with financial institutions he could show them exactly what he planned and how he was going to make it happen.

How did it all turn out? Murray achieved his five-year plan in just 10 months. He’s running a successful Craft Brewery with plans to expand. He is living his entrepreneurial life on his own terms. No bad debt, no out of control credit cards, everything is in solid financial shape. He’s in the green.

Murray still uses me as a sounding board for his business. Today he is ready to expand his business and  plan for the next steps. I connected him with a business consultant that I know will take him through his next phase of growth.

The impact of working with me,  Canada’s Money Coach,  has made a difference in Murray’s life today, and for his future too. I can do the same for you. Get in touch today for a consultation. Call me at 613-837-5834.

(* name has been changed for privacy.)









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