Take the 52 week challenge!

Have you made a resolution to save money for something special this year? Why not take part in the Canada’s Money Coach/CTV Morning Live 52 Week Challenge!

First watch the video of my appearance on CTV Morning Live where I share four other money tips for the new year and explain the 52-week Challenge.

Next, download a progress chart label for your jar.








Now start saving!

Starting week one in January, deposit $52 into your jar, piggy bank, box or anywhere else you think you’d like to save money.  The second week you will put $51 and the third $50 and so on, decreasing the amount by $1 each week until your last deposit is $1 the first week in December.

Start a journal and write down your thoughts when you put the money away. Determine what you will do with the $1,378 you will have accumulated by December.  Use pictures of your goal and stick them to the jar or in your journal to remind yourself why you’re doing this.

If your budget is tight, what are you willing to give up to be able to save $1,378 in one year?

If you can afford it, have your spouse, partner, and children participate as well. (You will probably want to adjust the amounts for kids but it is a great way to get them excited about saving, especially when they see you doing it too).

Tell me about your money resolutions in the comments or on my Facebook page.

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  1. Hi Judith, Is it possible to send me your template for the PB. I really would like to try the challenge. Merci

  2. Plse contact me at 613-286-4599 or gina.brewer@forces.gc.ca.

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